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Key Open Enrollment Dates

Consumers, keep in mind that while you have until 2/15/2015 to get coverage, there is less than a week remaining to have your coverage begin in February. Enroll before 1/15/2015 if you can!

On Covering Californians Better in 2015

"Shopping for health insurance before the marketplaces was like shopping for a car before the internet."
Alice Chen, M.D.
Millions of previously uninsured in California and across the country were covered during Year 1 of the ACA's health insurance marketplace enrollment. But there is still a lot to be done in terms of communicating the message to the millions more who are still uninsured; beyond becoming insured, it's important for any consumer to know what kinds of coverage they are getting at what price points - and how best to utilize their insurance once they have it.

For more advice from Dr. L. Eric Leung on "shopping smart" during open enrollment click here.

Health Insurance Marketplace: 10 Things Your Patients Need to Know

The mission of this resource center is to educate and prepare physicians for the health insurance marketplace so that our patients and communities can continue to receive culturally competent health care from a physician they understand and trust.
Be a Champion for Health.
Refer your uninsured patients to HealthCare.Gov.

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Being a physician in America carries both privilege and responsibility. It is our privilege to care for patients, their families and communities, and it is our responsibility to provide a physician voice to fight for the health care needs of our communities. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, we must assure that physicians that serve our communities actively shape health care in the 21st century so we can achieve equity in quality and access. NCAPIP works to make sure our collective voice, amplified, is heard in Washington, in states, and in local communities. We work to build our leadership role to advocate for the unmet healthcare needs of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. Please read our statement, and join us by signing on and lending your voice to NCAPIP.
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NCAPIP is an organization created by Asian American and Pacific Islander physicians to advocate for the optimal health of our patients and communities.

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