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Being a physician in America carries both privilege and responsibility.
It is our privilege to care for patients, their families and communities, and it is our responsibility to provide a physician voice to fight for the health care needs of our communities. With the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, we must assure that physicians that serve our communities actively shape health care in the 21st century so we can achieve equity in quality and access.

We, the undersigned individuals and organizations, believe that access and coverage to care should be based not only on the principle of affordable, universal health care coverage for all Americans, but also address cultural and linguistic barriers to care.

We urge that state regulations governing health insurance marketplaces include ethnic minority physicians and health professionals as “essential community providers” (ECP) in order to offer a diversity of options that meet the needs of Asian American and Pacific Islander and other underserved communities.

We believe that low-income, medically indigent Asian American and Pacific Islander patients must have patient centered medical homes that are culturally and linguistically appropriate. We urge that health system reform include payment and resources to support physicians in underserved communities, particularly those in solo or small group practices, so that they can provide health care that is culturally and linguistically attuned to their community's needs.

We urge that “virtual” integrated health delivery systems, such as “accountable care organizations” (ACO) support the full participation and reimbursement of solo practitioners and small group practices and provide for the inclusion of community based organizations as part of “transitional” care programs to reduce patient readmission rates.

The positions supported by NCAPIP physician leaders and allies advance not only the needs of our Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, but the vision of a health care system that is just, accessible, and supports the aspirations of our future generations, and create the conditions for optimal health for all.

I endorse this statement and add my voice to fight for the health care needs of our communities.
* Why endorse? By endorsing our statement you let us know that you share our values and aspirations. It strengthens our advocacy voice when we speak to policymakers and administration officials and it supports us during this long battle for affordable, culturally competent and linguistically appropriate, universal health coverage for all.

* What is currently happening?
We are currently doing outreach and education (please visit our ACA Resource Center) on the upcoming health insurance exchanges. Open enrollment begins 1 October 2013 with coverage beginning 1 January 2014. We are also monitoring and tracking any barriers and issues physicians may encounter.

As you know, Asian American and Pacific Islander physicians, including solo and small group practices serving in ethnic enclaves and immigrant/refugee gateway communities such as Chinatown, Little Saigon and Koreatown, are trusted sources of health care and health information. They are a critical and often unrecognized part of the health care safety net. They are a part of the community and serve Medicare and Medicaid patients as well as the uninsured. Yet, they are often not classified as Essential Community Providers.

Qualified health plans demonstrate network adequacy geographically not through cultural competence and linguistic appropriateness. Our concern is that newly covered Asian American and Pacific Islander and other underserved communities may not have access to culturally competent physicians they understand and trust. Health insurance is not access.

* What happens next? We will continue our surveillance and analysis. We will monitor implementation and make recommendations to policymakers and officials. When that happens we may call on you to review and endorse letters, make calls, or take direct action.

Thank you again for your support.

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